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Cathy DeBuono

L-BEACH # 6, 2015 

Actress, director/producer, documentary filmmaker, globally live radio talk show host and a two time Olympic Festival gold medalist volleyball player: Our this year’s special guest, Cathy DeBuono has many skills! Besides being six foot tall and gorgeous, she also holds a master degree in clinical psychology. DIVA Magazine has named her “Hollywood’s new lesbian leading lady” - and her filmography clearly backs up this claim, featuring several LGBT movies and series, such as the award-winning "Out At The Wedding", "And Then Came Lola" (for which she won Best Supporting Actress, Tampa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival), the popular series "We Have To Stop Now" (for which she won Best Actress, CURVE Magazine.)

Most recently Cathy stars in the slasher/comedy feature film "Crazy Bitches" which just released in the United States and Canada this Valentine’s Day and will be headed to Europe this spring! We are positive that Cathy has graced your screen more than once, too. And now it’s time to meet "the real deal" as she takes a break from directing her first documentary feature film to join us live on stage at L-BEACH #6!