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Urban Gardening

with Robin

Gardening can take place everywhere and in many forms – also in the cities. Our urban gardening expert Robin will share her wisdom with you and explain what possibilities there are for gardening in the city. She also gives advice on starting a community garden. Afterwards you will produce your own seedballs and create planting pots from „upcycled“ material, which you can sow as well.

Boy meets girl and then they have children? Most plants do not care about this family model and are finding other ways of sexuality, gender and reproduction. After a short introduction to the happy plant life, far away from human normality, Robin will present some possible cultivation methods for a „queer bed“. You can also pot your own plant and take it home afterwards, complete with some advice how to keep it alive at home.

Workshop 1: Introduction to urban gardening, material costs 2 Euro per person.

Workshop 2: Vegaytables in queer bed, material costs 6 Euro per person.

For both it is first come, first planted!



L-BEACH is unique in Europe. About 4,000 women get together for a weekend of partying, flirting, to hear great live music and DJ sets, to enjoy movies, readings and workshops or to join in other fun and sports activities. Romantic beach feeling and relaxation by the sea are all inclusive! Because a wonderful long white beach belongs to the beach resort just behind the dunes.