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Two Bears North

Take some irresistible melodies, a groovy bass line, perfectly matching two-voice singing, as well as raw energy and musical enthusiasm in abundance -  and you have the new female indie rock hope from Canada named TWO BEARS NORTH! Both front women Sophie Heppell and Melissa Walker have played together earlier in another band in their hometown Edmonton before they decided to raise a new project off the ground eight years ago. The songs of TWO BEARS NORTH are often light-footed and playful. And in addition to the classic rock setup of bass, guitar and drums strings, brass instruments and synthesizers are often included in the mix. Lyric-wise, the songs of the Canadians often cover themes of human desires, restlessness and interpersonal trials and tribulations. But in spite of this TWO BEARS NORTH spread mainly one thing: Lots of good vibes! This is especially palpable live, when Sophie and Melissa capture the audience in no time with their vibrancy and charm!

Two Bwears North - Monster