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Trans*Later - a cologne detective story

Reading with Bennet Biajolahn

A dead body in the backyard of the Cologne scene club „Trans*Later“ - found on Pride weekend, of all weekends - gives detective chief superintendent Frieda Leippold a big headache. Together with her colleague Lara Fricke she soon discovers that the assumed male corpse was a biological woman: Susanne Lippens, unobtrusive business woman by day, and Sunny, a trans man on the go with a lot of sexual liaisons, by night. Cause of death is a fatal blow to the Adam’s apple.

During their investigations, both commissioners learn not only quite a lot about the transgender scene, but they are also following numerous suspects with various motives. The story takes an unexpected twist when commissioner Lara Fricke gets caught in the middle of investigation as a suspect herself – and things get really complicated from there.

Cologne-based author Bennet Bialojahn started to walk on the trans path himself and takes us on a journey into a thrilling world with his first detective story ”Trans*Later“. The reading will be held in German.



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