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Workshop: Shiatsu Massage

with Nadja Abdellah

You feel an inner tension and unbalanced? You would like to learn how to (re)gain inner peace and serenity? This is your chance to receive an impression of “shiatsu“ and its pleasant and relaxing as well as stimulating effect, for the giving one as well as for the receiving one.

Shiatsu means „finger pressure“ and refers to the meridian system, as described within the teachings of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Meridians are the energy conducting paths of our body, through which our life energy (qi) floats. Interruptions within this flow of energy can lead to disbalances within the organism. But energy blockages can be resolved by regardful touching! Discover together with Nadja your own powerful inner strength and experience touching as a healing form of communication.

Ideally this workshop is addressed to couples or close friends, but single persons are also welcome. Please bring comfortable clothes! The number of participants is limited: First come, first served.



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