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with Naiomi Gardyan

Naiomi, founder and headmistress of the Female Fighters in Würzburg, black belt in Standup and blue belt in Brasilian Jiu Jitsu as well as a multiple German Champion, will give you an insight into the world of martial arts:

On Friday, the focus lies on standing self-defense. You can learn simple techniques to free yourself from lock grips and choke holds, as well as some preventive measures. Naiomi will show you some easy punching and kicking techniques, taken from the field of Thai and kick boxing. And because self-defense starts from inside your head, Naiomi also offers you to perform a simple breaking test. Discover your inner strength!

Saturday is all about techniques on the floor. You will learn simple holds in order to pin down the enemy, as well as liberation and preventive techniques. Those come from the field of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu („the gentle art“) and simply use the strength of the enemy. For that reason, those techniques also work well for fighting bigger and heavier enemies. These types of self-defense techniques are especially useful for women, as there is none or just a little expenditure of energy involved.

Attention: The number of participants is limited for both workshops, first come, first served.



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