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Sara Hartman

+++ Sorry - gig was cancelled +++

Sara Hartman does not do things half-heartedly: After never leaving New York until the age of 19, she packed her bags one day and moved to Germany all by herself. There, Berlin became Sara's new home and the perfect place to devote herself to her music: "To me, Berlin is like New York when it still had that raw young energy in the seventies. The streets might be dirty, but people are making art everywhere. When you have a center like that, great things are inevitable.” The young musician also promptly followed these words herself: thanks to hard work and long hours in the studio, her debut EP "Satellite" was released in 2016, embedding her velvety-deep voice with electronic beats and acoustic arrangements. "You can call it pop music, but there's a message and substance," Sara jokes. We can only agree wholeheartedly! So do not miss this exceptional newcomer live at L-BEACH #8!

Sara Hartman - Monster lead me home

Sara Hartman - Satellite