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Königin der Landstraße, Meine Jahre auf der Walz

Reading with Theresa Amrehn

„What if I just go?“ Without further hesitation, church painter Theresa Amrehn packs up her things and starts a three and a half year long pilgrimage on the road. On her own, separated from her family and home, a woman in a men’s world.

In her book, Theresa describes this traditional journey, that has been around since the Middle Ages, when craftspeople took to the road in Spring with the materials they had produced during Winter to sell them enroute. Theresa also has to deal with unusual questions: When and to which height are you allowed to lift your walking stick? 14kg of belongings are a lot, which 4kg of that have to go? Why are women not allowed to certain guilds? And every day the same question: Where am I going to sleep tonight?

The native-born Franconian explores not only her trade, the country and its people but most of all herself: Inner tensions resolve into her coming out – a journey far away from time and towards herself. Finally succeeding in conquering the farm tracks, Theresa becomes „queen of the rural road“ - join her on this adventurous journey! The reading will be held in German.



(c) Tanja Dörfler



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