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Jenseits von Rosa und Hellblau

A Movie by Marcus Preis

Boy or girl – what am I, what do I want to be? Already at a young age, children have a sense for their sexual identity, long before hitting puberty. Sophia (6) and Nuka (13), both living in the area of Dortmund, are good examples for this. Already at the age of two, both knew that they are transident. Luckily their parents took them seriously when they started to announce that their inner sexual role did not match their bodies. Their homes as well as their schools made it possible for them to live the way they feel about themselves.

With this documentary, actor and social scientist Marcus Preis wants to open a debate on what families, the social environment, pedagogics and society in its whole can do in order to support trans*children. Not only Sophia and Nuka, together with their respective parents, have their say in this, but also their teachers, an endocrinologist and a psychotherapist. They all agree that one should look beyond the social assignment of pink and light blue and focus on the well-being of the actual child instead.

German with English subtitles.



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