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Her Story - Binge watching

Film & Talk

„Her Story“ is about two trans*women in Los Angeles, who already gave up on love, when suddenly chance encounters are giving them new hope. Violet (played by Jen Richards) is drawn to Allie, a lesbian reporter (played by Laura Zak) and soon there is more than just an interview happening between them...

Meanwhile, career-driven Paige (played by Angelica Ross) meets James – the first man she considers opening up to in years, about herself and therefore also about her sexual identity. Will Violet and Paige risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are?

The six short episodes of this web series will be shown directly in a row. Coming all the way from Los Angeles, co-writer and main protagonist Jen Richards will attend the screening and is looking forward to chat with you afterwards. The series as well as the talk will be in English.



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