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Different for Girls

FILM & TALK: with special guests Jacquie Lawrence and Victoria Broom

What’s happening to LGBT*people and couples, who grew out of their teens and partially twens and are now considered – some more, some less – adults, having a family? What topics are relevant in their daily lives, in their loves and in their spare time? This is basically what the brand new web drama series „Different for Girls“ deals with, as a film adaptation of Jacquie Lawrence’s book of the same title. There will be a screening of all five episodes of the web soap that are shot so far in a row. This series features a group of not so young anymore lesbian, bisexual women and gay men in West London whose lives revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and even divorce. That is not to say that there isn’t room for drink, drugs, sex and dancing – there is, just not in front of their partners and children. Set in Chiswick, the women are the real lesbian housewives of Southwest London!

During the screening (as a German premiere!) screenwriter Jacquie Lawrence as well as main charcter Victoria Broom will be present and up for a nice chat with the audience afterwards. The series as well as the talk will be in English.

Theme song "Here in my Heaven" by Heather Peace



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