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with Nadja Abdellah

If you like it athletic, simple, intense and holistic, deepWORK powered by personal trainer Nadja Abdellah is the perfect workshop for you! Nadja will guide you through a holistic body workout, based on the „yin and yang principle“, combining all five elements (earth, wood, fire, metal and water) and releasing lots of positive energy within you! There will be sweaty endurance sequencies and breathing exercises combined with functional strength exercises. Everyone can follow their own motion and breathing rhythm – also there is no additional equipment needed, you will train only with your own body mass. The workshop requires to train barefoot, sport mats are available at the gym. First come, first served.

A little bit slower, but at least as intense is the fascia training class with Nadja: With complex, multidimensional and diversified motions you will get to train your fascia here. Did you know: The fascial tissue encloses our body like a net. It stabilizes, it is firm and soft at the same time and it shelters big parts of our immune system and our metabolism. If we do not train it enough or exercise too one-sided, our fascial tissue impends to felt. The results can be stiffness, pain and wrinkles. With all its ligaments and tendons as well as the connective tissue it affects our ability to move, our appearance and our health. This fascia training is suitable for everyone, except for pregnant women. Please bring comfortable sporting clothes, sport mats and further equipment are available at the gym. Please keep in mind that the number of participants is limited for this workshop.



L-BEACH is unique in Europe. About 4,000 women get together for a weekend of partying, flirting, to hear great live music and DJ sets, to enjoy movies, readings and workshops or to join in other fun and sports activities. Romantic beach feeling and relaxation by the sea are all inclusive! Because a wonderful long white beach belongs to the beach resort just behind the dunes.