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BOY, oh BOY! Since 2011, Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass have been mixing it up in the pop landscape, having established themselves as one of the most successful duos from the German speaking territories. Ever since the release of their second album We Were Here (2015), BOY have clearly demonstrated that they are not a one trick pony. Apart from crafting catchy, prettily melodic pop anthems like "Little Numbers", their international breakthrough in 2013, BOY surely have evolved and taken on new musical paths without losing either their lightness or their grip. No wonder that Swiss-born Valeska and Sonja, her colleague from Hamburg, have repeatedly been compared to household names like Feist, Suzanne Vega or the legendary Pretenders. The times where BOY might have been a “little number” in pop music are long gone. And we are thrilled to welcome this charming pair as this year's headlining act in the eighth L-BEACH-edition line-up!

BOY - Little numbers

BOY - We were here