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Body Talk: My beloved/hated body

hosted by Annie Heger

An extra pound here, a bit too little there – we all know the urge to complain about our own body. But if the complaining gets too prevalent or even painful, we can apply different strategies: from excessive sports routines to surgical interventions up to eating disorders. Where do we get our (ideal) body-image from and what role plays society in shaping it? And how do we learn to get on good terms with our body again?

As an introduction to this talk there will be a short concert reading with Jana Crämer, who will bring along her book „Das Mädchen aus der 1. Reihe (Girl from the front row)“ and her best friend and musician David aka Batomae. Jana herself suffers from an eating disorder but chooses now to instill courage in others by not hiding it anymore. Instead, she is making her illness a subject of discussion. Another guest is Chris Alt, who is pretty happy with her body but witnesses lots of dissatisfaction among others in her job as a fitness trainer. Kiki Auer and her colleague Mila will also share their experiences, since they not only consider their bodies a piece of art but also „utilise“ it non-privately job in the field of BDSM. You as the audience are highly encouraged to join the discussion! The talk will be held in in German.



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