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Below Her Mouth

A Movie by April Mullen

Jasmine’s life goes exactly according to plan: She has a great job, a nice sports car and a handsome fiancé. Until she meets self-confident Dallas during a night out with her best friend, who immediately hits on her in an elegant but very offensive way. Jasmine initially resists this strange seduction. But from that moment on she can’t get this woman out of her head and starts a sizzling love affair with her shortly after. Her nicely controlled heterosexual life gets more and more off-track – especially when Jasmine realizes that Dallas is more to her than just an amorous adventure.

Director April Mullen shot this passionate romantic movie with a completly female staff and was able to cast Swedish top model Erika Linder and Canadian dancer Natalie Krill for the main parts. With its stormy sensuality and its erotical imagery „Below Her Mouth“ is reminiscent of „Blue is the Warmest Color“ and the successful tv series „The L Word“. The movie will be screened in English with German subtitles.



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