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Talk: Visibility

Hosted by Susanne Billig

How are lesbian and queer women recognized in public – or do they even want to be recognized?

Visibility is still a much-debated issue in all areas of public life, whether we are talking politics, the film and music industry, professional sports or the working world in general. Why do we even need to talk about it in 2016? Have we not reached complete equality through feminism and the years of struggle for emancipation and homosexual rights?

Apparently not, because there are still only a few women in leadership positions and women often still fall by the wayside, as they – like women in general – still earn less than their male, heterosexual counterparts. In almost all major European cities, one can find many heterosexuals or gay bars and clubs for men. And also there are only a few  openly lesbian or queer women in politics and ports, since an outing is still a big issue, as well as a personal venture.

Do we deliberately keep our private life to ourselves? Or are we simply afraid to be who we are? In this panel, Susanne Billig tries to get to the bottom of these questions, together with director Isabell Šuba, cultural scientist Sarah-Mai Dang, DJ GinaG and Berlin-based bar owner Laura Maria Marsueschke - contributions from the audience are strongly encouraged!


Sa, 23.04., 13.30



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