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with Jenny Saitzek

Nowadays, stencil art can be found all over the world, whether on house walls, power boxes, poles or traffic lights. What began with negative images of hands on cave walls during the Neolithic period, has turned into a downright hype in the international art scene since the beginning of the 21st century - thanks to artists such as Blak le Rat, Boxi or Banksy. In addition to the initial use of stencil art simply as a decoration technique, transformed into an art form in the punk culture of the late 1970s, where stencils were used for political propaganda purposes.

Jenny Saitzek, art educator, and arts activist in North Rhine-Westphalia, invites you to take a closer look on stenciling and street art during this workshop. Turn your own creative ideas into reality and become a street artist with spray cans and stencils at L-BEACH #7!

Work materials and protective masks are provided on-site.

Attention: Limited number of participants. 10 Euro per participant will be charged for materials before the beginning of the workshop. Work materials and protective masks will be provided on-site.


Sa, 23.04., 10:30-13:30



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