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with Dr. Petra Maaß

"Relax in motion with relaxed motions"- qigong, together with acupuncture, nutrition, herbal science and tuina (self-massage), is one of the five pillars of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The goal of TCM is to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul. The beauty of qigong lies in its simplicity: It can be practiced anywhere, only comfortable clothes and a dry, relatively windless place for practice are required.

Qigong exercises can be roughly divided into still and moving routines. Moving routines are suitable particularly well for beginners, as the emphasis lies on physical activities. But also the still routines are suitable for qigong beginners. Dr. Petra Maaß, certified qigong instructor, shows you how to take the first steps into the world of qigong at L-BEACH #7:

Qigong for beginners
In this workshop, Petra will introduce you to "scent qigong", a variation of the moving routines. The scent of a person is considered as one of the main diagnostic tools of TCM. It is regarded as an energy form, which flows freely, can be cleansed and which is important for a healthy body and mind. "Scent qigong" has nothing to do with flowery aromas or incense, as one might initially think. Instead, you focus on moving the muscles of your shoulder, neck, and upper back area, to relax and strengthen these muscles without breaking into too much of a sweat. Tired revellers can even perform these routines in a sitting position. Exchange all the energy consumed last night with new power for a fresh start into your next festival night! If the weather plays along, the course is may be moved outside, so feel free bring an extra sweater or a jacket.

"The Standing Pillar" and Taiji qigong – Still and moving qigong routines
"The Standing Pillar" (also called "Standing like a tree") is a still routine within the qigong, which can also be found in the Taijiquan (also known as "Shadow" or Chinese shadow boxing), a moving routine with roots in the Taiji qigong. Taiji qigong combines the soft and gentle movements of Tai Chi with qigong, is particularly easy to learn and well suited for all ages and training levels. "The Standing Pillar" and Taiji are ideal for qigong newcomers and also a good start for those who may want to learn Taijiquan later.

Attention: Limited number of participants. First come, first served. All qigong workshops are suitable for beginners as well advanced participants. You need no special equipment, only comfortable clothes, clean sneakers or warm socks - and the desire to try out something new.


Qigong for Beginners

Th, 21.04. + Fr, 22.04. + Sa, 23.04.; each day from 17-17.45

"The Standing Pillar" & Taiji qigong

Fr, 22.04., 10.30-11.30



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