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"Moths wear no helmet"

Reading with Maren Elbrechtz

Suza Schimmer is a thirty-something, working at a computer service hotline, who was just abandoned by her big love. For Antonia - the other half of the affair, who is married with children - it was all just a fling. Four words and a punctuation mark in a text message are all that she has left for Suza...

To portray existential imbalances with lots of humor, therein lies Maren Elbrechtz’ special power. With her debut “Motten tragen keine Helme (“Moths wear no helmet.”) she made a strong debut, in which her protagonist Suza undergoes the various "mourning" phases after a separation - deliciously ironic and sometimes also wonderfully quirky. The reading will be in German. Host: Susanne Billig.


Sa, 23.04., 10-11



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