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"Männer zeigen Filme und Frauen ihre Brüste"

Young director Isabell Šuba has succeeded: one of her short films is running at the largest film festival in the world. The initial joy is quickly diluted. In Cannes, she is only met with her chauvinistic producer David and an overbooked hotel instead of red-carpet glamour and caviar treats. A further disappointment: no single film made by a woman is running in the official competition. In a partnership of convenience, Isabell - together with David - tries to raise funding for new, upcoming projects - but to no avail! She has to look reality in the eye: David’s stone-age understanding of gender roles is not the exception, but the rule: "Men show movies and women their breasts."

This movie was an experiment with reality: Isabell Šuba, a real existing director, turned her invitation to Cannes into a new film project in 2012. For this movie, Isabell gave over her identity throughout the festival period to actress Anne Haug. The film was created in five days, without any salaries, in order to make a mark for equal opportunities of men and women in the film industry. For that we need female role models, to finally establish themselves side by side to the "big boys". But how to do that when the high subsidies of the German film industry are almost exclusively awarded to male filmmakers? Time for a change. Time for new female characters, like Isabell Šuba: talented, confident, combative.



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