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Megan Lane

Megan Lane is not only an exceptional guitarist and singer, but also one half of the couple, who tied the knot in the first "official" same-sex marriage in her native country Canada. But first and foremost, Megan wants to be known for her music, and not the tabloid headlines. What a fortunate coincidence that Megan is about to drop her fourth studio album soon, in order to delight all rock fans on this side of the Atlantic, too! 

"Sounding The Animal" is the name of her new record, on which Megan Lane departs from her blues roots, heading for a more guitar-based, melodic pop/rock sound. Live, Megan is a true all-rounder: On stage, the multi-instrumentalist alternates between the guitar, keyboard and drums, dishing out powerful, energetic numbers just as well as the smoother, more reduced acoustic pieces of her repertoire. We are thrilled to have this fierce female singer/songwriter on board kick off our live program on Thursday evening!


Th, 21.04.2016

Megan Lane - Someday We Will Leave This Town

Megan Lane - Cabin In The Woods



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