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Lino Print Workshop

with Jenny Saitzek

Some may remember them well from their school days: Monochromatic lino prints, mostly with animal motifs, names or symbols - a popular subject during many art classes all over Europa. The smell of linoleum and the memory of colorful finger band-aids might turn some of you a wee bit nostalgic, but lino print today can be so much more: This graphical print technique, which was appreciated and used even by Picasso, is now more popular than ever:

On craft & creativity markets, in stores, on the internet or on a friend's living room wall - currently, lino print can be found nearly anywhere. Whether in form of posters, super hero stamp or signature cards, there are no limits to your creativity! And that's also the point of this workshop: Jenny Saitzek, art teacher and art facilitator, who is working with renowned museums of North Rhine-Westphalia, will help you to bring your ideas to life. During this workshop, you can create different stencils with the help of  special tools to carve a negative image in the solid linoleum, ending up with color, roller and paper to print your own works of art.

Work materials will be provided on-site.

Attention: Limited number of participants. 10 Euro per participant will be charged for work materials before the beginning of the workshop. Workshop tickets can be purchased online via our L-BEACH ticket shop.


Fr, 22.04., 11:30-14:30



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