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Film Programme

Attention, all you movie lovers: In cooperation with our partner Edition Salzgeber, we have again compiled an exciting programme of short and feature films for you to enjoy at L-BEACH #7:

The Duke of Burgundy (GB 2014)

Dark art house cinema par excellence: Set in a secluded mansion, director Peter Strickland portrays a sadomasochistic love affair between two women, that slowly goes off the rails in a secluded manor.
The erotically charged role play between young Evelyn (Chiara D'Anna) and Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen), a butterfly researcher and a couple of years Evelyn's seniour, is characterized by domination and punishment rituals. But the appearance is deceiving: Actually, it is seemingly submissive maid Evelyn, who pulls the strings. As Cynthia, Lady of the House, wants to put an end to the power games, Evelyn's addiction to the game leads into a psychological thriller with subtly surreal moments. Until one day, Cynthia no longer adheres to the agreed safe word...


Barash (IL 2015)

Exclusive preview at L-BEACH: 17 year-old Naama Barash likes alcohol, drugs and hanging out with her “cool” friends. Anything to stay away from home, where her parents are arguing constantly. When a new girl comes to school, Barash falls in love for the very first time. And this intense experience is as confusing as it is inspiring... "Barash" is a beautiful coming-of-age movie from Israel, telling the story of a young woman struggling to find herself in sleepy suburbia while dealing with detached parents, a rebellious, army-enrolled older sister and sex, drugs and love.


Zomer (NL 2014)

From shy wallflower to confident lover: An encounter with a girl named with Lena leaves 16-year-old Anne awe-struck. And after the summer, everything is different. Previously, Anne's life in her Dutch backwater of a village, always seems to be the same: cycling with the clique, swimming in the river, going to the local disco, and dealing with her sad family life - complete with with a depressed mother and endliess teasing by her brother and his friends. The Virgin Mary, as well as the huge power plant that is the source of work and hope for Anne's father and the other villagers, prevails above all. Silent, with a smile on her face, Anne endures her lonely existence. Until one day, pretty Lena on her motorbike comes rolling into Anne's life...


La Belle Saison (F/B 2015)

France in the 1970s: Young Delphine (Izïa Higelin) moves to Paris to escape the bigotry and rural morality she experienced while living on her parents' farm. When she meets Carole (Cécile de France), while jointly engaging in the women's rights movement, Delphine falls in love with the extrovert woman immediately. Soon, Carole also discovers her feelings for Delphine. Their stormy affair is however abruptly interrupted when Delphine father becomes ill and she must help her mother with the arduous work on the farm. Driven by desire, Carole decides to leave her boyfriend and follow Delphine. The two women experience a summer of full of passionate and happy moments, but when the idyllic country life started showing its grim side, Delphine must decide how open she live her newfound love... Sensitive, sensual and movingly - director Catherine Corsini paints the beautiful picture of a love story of two contrasting women between passion and societal expectations. "La Belle season" is an inspirational ode to freedom, life and love, which captures the spirit of the 1970s gorgeously.



Some like it short! We are delighten to present you the "crème de la crème" of lesbian short films at L-BEACH #7. You’re welcome to smile, cry or just enjoy. This year's selection consists of "M wie Martha", "Stella" and "L'autre Femme", all by Edition Salzgeber, as well as the independent short  "Between Us" by Ping-Wen Wang.




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