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Electro pop at its finest, superbly arranged and produced - but with enough edges to keep you interested and invested in the songs, even after numerous plays. A good way to describe Cosby, hailing from Munich. Yes, exactly: Munich. Although, the Bavarian State capital is regarded as a kind of "blind spot on the map of the German pop scene" - even according to the band. But that could change very soon, thanks to Cosby: Singer Maria Kobylka and her three band mates, who have been making music together for about five years, already collected several award nominations (including the egoFM audience award, which they also took home.) And thanks to the use of their song "Boon and Bane" in the TV campaign of the perfume brand MEXX, Cosby won themselves many new followers all over Europe in 2015. "As Fast As We Can" is the title of their already critically acclaimed debut album. And you better hurry too, in order not to miss this extraordinary band at L-BEACH #7!

Cosby - YEAH!



L-BEACH is unique in Europe. About 4,000 women get together for a weekend of partying, flirting, to hear great live music and DJ sets, to enjoy movies, readings and workshops or to join in other fun and sports activities. Romantic beach feeling and relaxation by the sea are all inclusive! Because a wonderful long white beach belongs to the beach resort just behind the dunes.