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Wake-Up & Dance + Latin Dance Workout

with Katharina Kickinger & Sandra Brozio

You’ve danced the night away but the tips of your toes are still tingling? Then start the next day like your last one ended, relax your muscles and improve your fitness in a playful way!

In Wake-up & Dance, Katharina Kickinger will introduce you to a dance workout that begins gently and progressively gets more intense, giving your circulation a kick-start for the new day ahead. Sandra Brozio’s Latin Dance Workout will teach you simple steps, set to rousing Latin grooves that evolve into a little choreography. This way you will experience not only an effective, complete body workout that strengthens all muscle groups and improves your physical well-being, but you will also have lots of fun. So grab your favorite pair of trainers and "let's dance"!

All courses are suitable for participants without prior knowledge. You don’t need special equipment, just a towel, comfortable clothes and clean trainers.


Latin Dance Workout:

Fri., 24.04., 15-16 + Sa., 25.04., 15-16   

Wake-Up & Dance:

Sa., 25.04., 10-11 + So., 26.04., 10.30-11.30  



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