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"Von Mädchen und Pferden" ("Of Horses and Girls")

An internship at a horse farm shall help Alexa to get her life back together. Because Alex, as she wants to be called, is a 16-year-old school quitter with self-harming tendencies. Little by little, Alex warms to her surroundings in the northern province of Germany: First, towards the four-legged creatures, and later to Kathy, of the same age, who spends her holidays on the farm.

Director Monika Treut has created a charming coming-of-age story, that steers clear of all clichés. After the movie, Monika Treut and actress Vanida Karun will be present to talk about this subtle "love story between horses, women and girls". German with English subtitles. 


Fr, 24.04., 16-18



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