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with Daniela Voigt

Daniela Voigt of the Female Fighters Germany invites you a taster course in self-defense, suitable for all fitness levels: In a relaxed atmosphere you will learn how to protect yourself in dangerous situations. The performed techniques are based on krav maga, judo and wing tsun and are easy to master, even without prior knowledge in self-defense or if you not a regular at the gym. With Daniela you are in safe hands: She is a wearer of the black belt bearer in judo, has won the German championship multiple times and is a licensed trainer and personal coach.

In her second workshop, Daniela invites you to take a short trip through the versatile world of martial arts: All Style Budo, this "small tour" through different styles, is also suitable for every fitness level and martial arts newcomers are welcome to join, too. Worldwide, there are over 100 different martial arts forms to discover and to try out. In this course, several different techniques will be presented, depending on the level and interest of the participants. In case there are several more experienced women present, Daniela will offer a separate sparring-match.

You are welcome to bring your own pads and focus mitts with you to these courses. Long, comfortable workout clothing is recommended.

Attention: Limited number of participants.


Self-Defense Taster Course (BOOKED UP!):

Fr, 24.04., 16.30-18.30

All Style Budo (BOOKED UP!):

Sa, 25.04., 16.30-18.30



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