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with Nancy Rohde

The history of graffiti is older than you might think: It goes way back to ancient Egypt, where people left their names on the walls of temples, tombs and on rocks and statues. Graffiti-writing – also known as style-writing - as we know it today, has its origins in the late 1960s, when it became one of the “four elements” of the American hip hop culture. But also outside the hip hop and rap scene, graffiti is recognized as a legitimate art form today - even if most sprayers often operate on the edge of legality.

This workshop here is of course completely legal: Nancy Rohde, who has been working as a graffiti artist in Berlin for over nine years, will introduce you to the art of spraying and show you what you can do with a spray can, a couple of stencils and a little creativity. So grab a can and get started! Work materials and protective masks will be provided on-site.

Attention: Limited number of participants.

STRANDHOTEL / Room "Oldenburg"

Sa, 25.04., 12-14 - BOOKED UP!



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