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Wallis Bird

L-BEACH # 7, 2016 / L-BEACH # 4, 2013

Wallis Bird is unconventional, energetic and refreshing – in other words, the Irish singer, songwriter and guitarist is like a breath of fresh air in the musical landscape. Or rather, like a storm. Because Wallis has captured the hearts of fans and critics around the world over the past years: four albums and numerous awards highlight this impressively, as well as her performance record of more than 700 shows until today. In 2013, we were able to witness the force of nature that is Wallis Bird at L-BEACH, with her extraordinary musical range and her rousing stage presence. Three years later, it is now time for a reunion with this charismatic Irish woman on the Baltic Coast. And with her new album "Architect", Wallis Bird is ready to add another chapter to her success story, live at L-BEACH #7!

Wallis Bird - Daze