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Vanity Theft

L-BEACH # 4, 2013

Vanity Theft: that is Alicia Grodecki, Elyse Driskell and Brittany Hill. Since highschool the indie-pop band from Dayton, Ohio, has commited to a sincere motto: "We may have vaginas, but we're not pussies." Their songs captivate with a pierced sarcasm that scrutinizes stereotypes and is accompanied by instrumentals you can dance to. Their sound recalls a mixture of Sleater Kinney and The Ting Tings.

In 2009, being the only all-female band of 227 bands total, they captured the audience of a quite testosterone-centric "Warped Tour" in Cincinnati.

One thing is for sure: Vanity Theft will leave an unforgettable soundprint at L-BEACH #4!

Limb from limb