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Uh Huh Her

L-BEACH # 1, 2010

Los Angeles based Uh Huh Her is a dynamic pairing of musician/actress Leisha Hailey and singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey. Inspired by a PJ Harvey B-side from the identically titled 2004 PJ Harvey album, their band name was born. But that's where the borrowing begins and ends.
Uh Huh Her's sound – a self-described indie electro-pop hybrid – is a unique and organic product of Hailey and Grey's styles. "[The sound] is the evolution from our backgrounds," Grey says. "We slammed them all together and that's what came out." Their music has a sultriness that crashes head on with the profound, both cosmic and carnal; it is replete with elastic bass lines, ambient synths and backbeats that will seduce to the core. Most importantly, it's a sound that landed the band in the Top 20 on iTunes with the release of its first single Say So and resulted in sold out shows in L.A., New York and the UK.
With their album Common Reaction (2008), Hailey and Grey are looking to a horizon that's as expansive as their sound – which is to say, seemingly infinite. "We're getting a chance that a lot of bands aren't," Hailey says. "It's just about us showing up and proving that we can do it."

Uh Huh Her - Not a love song

Uh Huh Her - Covered

Uh Huh Her - I've had enough

Uh Huh Her - Mystery Lights

Uh Huh Her - So long

Uh Huh Her - I see red