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Sookee + Shirlette Ammons + Lex LayFoy

L-BEACH # 5, 2014

Language is her craft, hip-hop her message. Sookee kicks ass – whether on stage or giving a lecture on (hetero-)sexism in hip-hop, or the subversive and progressive potential of subcultures. And given the right beat, you’ll experience that these somewhat cumbersome subject matters are totally danceable. No doubt about that. But that’s not all! Sookee has invited some talented, powerful and eloquent artists to join her on stage: The American spoken word artist Shirlette Ammons, whose focus lies on the beauty of human relationships and the icons of the American queer underground. The South African rapper Lex LaFoy, who is celebrated as the first female rap star of her country, will also join the party with a wild mix of trap, dubstep, dance and new age beats. And last but not least, Lex LaFoys fellow compatriot DJ Doowap will show off her skills at the turntables to demonstrate why her mix of  trap, dubstep, hip hop and drum & bass is causing a furor, way outside of Johannesburg’s rap scene. Booyaka!



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