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Karin Park

L-BEACH # 6, 2015 

Karin Park is back with a big bang! The Swedish singer and songwriter with Norwegian roots just recently released her fifth studio album, "Apocalypse Pop". And its name already indicates the direction, in which Karin Park went, quite well: Dramatic, dark and fascinating synth-pop-songs, that will pull you under their spell, and towards the dance floor at the same time. Equipped with great charisma and an impressive stage presence, Karin just loves to take apart the modern limitation of gender: "I'm not afraid to intimidate people. Sometimes I present myself in a very feminine matter, sometimes I am very masculine – and quite often I am something in between." The part-time model does not get scared easily: Even Vladimir Putin becomes the target of her anger in the lyrics of one of her songs. But words alone cannot change the world, and Karin Park only knows this too well. "But what can change things is your behavior, your state of mind, so with that I can inspire others." And she will do just that, live at L-BEACH #6!

Credits: Christoph Voy

Karin Park - Look What You've Done



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