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Heidi Marie Vestrheim

L-BEACH # 4, 2013

Øystese, a village on the Hardangerfjord, framed by glaciers and mountains: that’s Heidi Marie Vestrheim’s origin – as well as that of her creative work. The Norwegian started composing songs at the age of 17. Having discovered Tori Amos and the Indigo Girls, she knew that she wanted to tell stories herself. However, the singer-songwriter has a premise:

“I can’t pretend to be anything I’m not. I write about things I’ve experienced.”

She gave the production of her new album “I want to go” a lot of time. Compared to her previous works, it has more folk, gospel and country elements and is less electronic, but then – more acoustic.

If you want to experience the singer’s highly infectious and slightly melancholic gaiety: don’t miss her performance in the L-HALL.

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