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Deine Jugend

L-BEACH # 6, 2015

"Come on , we'll take what we like - cause everything will be different when tomorrow comes!" Deine Jugend (Your Youth) are here to create the soundtrack for the " best time of your life" . And that time is right now! Don't take everything so seriously, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest! This could very well be the mantra of Laura Carbone and her bandmate Tim Bonassis. Hailing from the city of Mannheim, Deine Jugend has conquered the bars and clubs from Berlin to Milan to Zurich and played the big stages as MIA's support act in 2013. "Serotonin" is the - quite fitting - name of their debut album. And with their mix of catchy pop, powerful garage rock with a touch of punk and rousing electro sounds, Deine Jugend will surely be a source of happiness at L -BEACH #6!

Credits: Katja Hentschel

Deine Jugend - Serotonin



L-BEACH is unique in Europe. About 4,000 women get together for a weekend of partying, flirting, to hear great live music and DJ sets, to enjoy movies, readings and workshops or to join in other fun and sports activities. Romantic beach feeling and relaxation by the sea are all inclusive! Because a wonderful long white beach belongs to the beach resort just behind the dunes.