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Dance yourself to death

L-BEACH # 1, 2010

Formed in 2005, Toronto’s Dance Yourself to Death had only played a handful of gigs before a copy of their independent EP found its way into the hands of knighted larger-than-life pop icon Elton John. Sir Elton was taken by the band’s addictive hooks and heart-tugging melodies, which seamlessly fuse elements of ‘70s rock, ‘80s synth-pop and ‘90s dance music. He cast DYTD to play in the prom scene of It’s A Boy Girl Thing, the film he was producing, and included one of their original songs on the film’s soundtrack.
DYTD went on to license songs to several other
films, and watched their fan base grow as tracks from the DIY EP landed on a number of independent radio station charts and positive reviews poured in. They shared stages with everyone from Canadian critics’ faves Mother Mother and the Hidden Cameras to international stars like Peaches, Uh Huh Her and the Indigo Girls and played a number of high profile gigs, including the band’s first European show in Munich, Germany, where they drew a crowd of 1500 people. Noted electronic artist JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN) was eager to work with DYTD, and delivered a remix of their original song Sea of Love.
Their first Album (Ready for Love) is an instantly accessible record that will keep you holding on tight to your first kiss, your worst heartache, and all your forgotten love letters.