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L-BEACH # 6, 2015 / L-BEACH # 5, 2014 / L-BEACH # 4, 2013 / L-BEACH # 3, 2012 

Those of you who have not witnessed the crazy, carefree "atmosphere of madness" of the "Schlager Party", do not miss this experience at L-BEACH #6! Because DJ Charlene will once again have you singing and dancing wildly through the night with her mix of evergreens, German party hits and (not so) guilty pleasure songs. And after the L-DORADO was bursting at the seams last year, "Charly" - who also produces her own songs, and plays live all around the globe, from Europe to South America and Canada - will bring the "Schlager Floor" to the L-HALL this year!



L-BEACH is unique in Europe. About 4,000 women get together for a weekend of partying, flirting, to hear great live music and DJ sets, to enjoy movies, readings and workshops or to join in other fun and sports activities. Romantic beach feeling and relaxation by the sea are all inclusive! Because a wonderful long white beach belongs to the beach resort just behind the dunes.